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The Cat who Loved David Duchovny (Autographed)

USD $7.99
The Cat who Loved David Duchovny (Autographed)
The Cat who Loved David Duchovny (Autographed)

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The Cat who Loved David Duchovny (Autographed)

USD $7.99
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Three Tales of Fantasy and Wonder

The Cat Who Loved David Duchovny

The Witch of Sherman Oaks

The Last Mission
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From the pen of Derringer Award winning author James Blakey comes three fantastical tales.


Madame Marie Curie, a Blue Point Siamese, spends her days binge-watching episodes of The X-Files.

When Marie’s owner Jim invites Debbie—the new girl from work—over for dinner, Marie resigns herself to a night of sulking while watching the couple with disdain.

But Debbie has set her sights on something more than a free meal, and it will take all of Marie’s feline cunning to stop her.


Jennifer Griffiths, the self-styled Witch of Sherman Oaks, is part life coach, part therapist.

Her week isn’t going well. The rent is due, and the big time reality star that Jennifer was counting on as new client just walked out.

When the oddly dressed Braxtiaran Darahenij hires Jennifer to do some roleplaying and face off against a evil sorcerer at some junior league Burning Man, she jumps at the chance. Sure LARPers are odd, but Brax is paying with real gold.

But the sorcerer isn’t playing. He has the power to destroy the Earth.

Now it’s up to The Witch of Sherman Oaks to stop him


John Linn’s latest assignment seems simple enough: Reconnaissance of a foreign power’s naval base.

But the country is hostile. Details about the op don’t make a lot of sense. And don’t get him started on his handlers.

Battling magic and bureaucracy, Linn penetrates the base, but is discovered.

It’s going to take every trick he’s learned his career to make it home.

But if Linn isn’t careful, this might be his last mission.

112 pages. 22,000 words. Suitable for teens and up. Autographed by the author.

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